Knit Quest Trunk Show this weekend!

Yippie! This weekend, we have a superfun event happening! Sam Roshak, of Knit Quest designs, will be here, with all of her fabulous creations.

I met Sam in April at Tina and Stephanie‘s insanely fabulous Sock Camp! Sam is superduper talented, and funny, and awesome, and sweet. And, did I mention, also, that she’s an uber-talented knitwear designer? She’s hooked on Blue Moon yarns, which we instantly bonded over, and was working on this awesomely wonderful linen-stitch wrap, which I totally drooled over (the pattern is finished, and we now have it!), and, and, and…you need to come by on Friday night and check out her designs and hang out and have a glass of wine and some munchies! Yay!

Come on by anytime, really, but we are planning on kicking off the festivities (read: we’ll be set up and ready) between 5 and 6 pm. Sam will be here, ready, willing, and able to answer any questions you may have.