Journey Trunk Show ~ August 1 – 21

As knitters, we totally understand the special place our projects hold in our lives. We’ve knit here and there, through think and thin, and when we travel, we always pack our (many) knitting projects first. When we wrap up in a certain sweater, or pull on a favorite hat, we think of the places we worked on it, who we were with, and maybe the people we were.

Journey: A Collaboration is one of our favorite recent books. This collection of wearable, comfortable, hand knits from  Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook is “inspired by the journey of self-discovery, independence and the path back to yourself.”

We’re delighted to host this gorgeous collection of garment and accessory samples! Visit Twisted August 1 – 21 to see these beautiful pieces in person, and find the perfect yarn to pair with these sweet patterns. We’re always at the ready to help you on your next knitting adventure!


From left to right, Antrorse, Climb, & Onward.


From left to right, Swift, Inland, & Spate.

All photos © Nicholas Kupiak.