It’s everywhere!

What’s taking over the world? KNITTING! I see it everywhere – in the Harry Potter movie I caught part of on TV the other night (Mrs. Weasly’s monogrammed Christmas sweaters, particularly), on the newest television series Stefan and I are watching, Pushing Daisies (Emerson Cod, one of the main characters, knits to relieve stress, and makes sweater vests and handgun cozies, among other essentials), and now in the letter from the editor of ReadyMade Magazine. Now, it’s no surprise that there’d be knitting in ReadyMade, as it’s a DIY-inspired magazine, but as I was reading the letter from the new-ish editor, I found myself giddy to see that she referenced a male family member knitter who is in love with the designs of Jared Flood (as we all are), and made her a Koolhaus to keep her head warm in the blustery Iowa winters. We really are taking over, folks. We just need to remember, when we crafters truly do rule the world, that saying from wise old Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility.”