In time for the Holidays, BMFA Kits

As you all know, our BIG HUGE fall order of all things Blue Moon arrived a few weeks ago. We talked about all of the yarns themselves, and how much we love them, and how we wish we had time to create very beautiful and special items, using each and every yarn we received. We may not have talked about how we wish, so very very much, that we could keep every single skein for ourselves, because it is all such lovely and wonderful stuff. That may seem a bit…selfish. We even talked a bit about the kits we have, the funky, fabulous and wonderful kits. But you may not realize how easy they really make holiday knitting.

marcel-marceau.jpgKit Numero Uno: The Funky Sock Monkey Kit
This little tube-o-fun has two contrasting half-skeins of Socks that Rock Heavyweight, enough to make a large and a small Funky Monkey, with opposite colorings. Our most excellent sample knitter, Lacy, knitted up a kit for us (the handsome little guys are pictured at left). These two are Marcel and Marceau, named after, you guessed it, Marcel Marceau!

bsj_kit_3_thumb.jpgKit Numero Dos: The Baby Surprise Jacket
This kit is so fricking adorable! We have actual samples of all of the little jackets here in the shop, and the elicit more “ooooohs” and “aaaaahs” than anything else we have. The pattern is deceptively simple, if you just let yourself trust in the genius of EZ, and the way the kits are put together, color-wise, makes it easy to trust in the color-genius of Tina, so it’s really a match made in knitterly heaven.

grinchy_grouchy_thumb4.jpgKit Numero Tres: The Grinchy-Grouchy Sock Kit
At first glance, this kit may appear to be a bit…pricey. But, when you really get into the heart of the kit, you see that it contains two full skeins of STR and a skein of the furry stuff, Whisper. The STR, at least, is enough to make TWO, not one, pairs of Grinchy Grouchy’s. Not yet sure if the Whisper is enough for two pairs. But, this makes me think of Christmas, and S and I having matching Christmas sockies. Would that just be the cutest thing in the world, or what? Hee, hee.