Haiku winner

The winner of the September haiku contest is Charlotte C.! Yeah Charlotte!


Truthfully, I knit
to avoid cleaning out my

Thanks to everyone else who entered – there were so many great ones this month! It is always so hard to choose.

Be sure to enter our October/November contest on the contest page. This month’s topic: what is your favorite kind of thing to knit?

Other entries:

I knit to stay sane
Fingers busy and my brain.
Stresses wash away.

I just have to knit!
Otherwise what would I do
With all of this yarn?

Transform a yarn ball
From blah to sock, sweater, shawl
Knitting is my call

Somewhere in Kabul,
a newborn wears my knitting.
It warms both of us.

Because snow-white sheep
have dreams of colorful knits.
Their wool made rainbow.

warm, colored line
something coming into being
it will be a surprise

I love to relax
While sitting and knitting socks
Watch the world go by

Pick up my needles and knit
World is calm…I breathe

Soft yarn, wood needles
Fingers moving, forming socks
Letting my mind rest

Philosophers say
I think therefore I am, I
knit therefore I am

Stories, I can’t pen.
And lies, I can’t fabricate.
Hence knit sox for you!

Here color, texture
intertwine; become anew.
I have created!

My hands they must be busy
My mind must wander
Knitting does let me ponder

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