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Getting back in the swing of things…

I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate all of the wonderful gifts and the emails and blog comments congratulating Stefan and me on our sweet, sweet baby, Hazel. She’s a joy, and we are the happiest folks in the world right now! She has been gifted with so much love and warmth from all of her knitting friends, I just know she’ll be a crafter as soon as she can figure out how to work her little hands! She was 5 weeks old yesterday, and is now tipping the scales at about 8 and a half pounds. She and I have been coming into the shop sporadically these last two weeks, and will get ourselves into a Twisted schedule soon. She’s looking forward to getting to know all of Twisted’s regulars…

And, now, if you will all indulge me, I’ll share a few photos of my favorite little girl, Hazel Squire Lombard!




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