get this monkey off my back! or, maybe not…

i have a confession to make, folks. i have a monkey on my back – a BIG one. i blame a good friend and fiber-enabler-extraordinaire for this addiction. she got me started on this road. whether or not she knew how low my resistance is to this kind of thing is beyond the point, because she got me hooked.

what the heck am i talking about? a little pattern that has been making the rounds – the blog-land rounds, the ravelry rounds, and has definitely been making rounds on my size one addi lace needles these last 5 or 6 months. the MONKEY SOCK PATTERN by the insanely talented COOKIE A!! the girl wasn’t lying when she said, in the intro to the sock pattern on knitty, that “the true driving force behind these socks was ADDICTION. There was no other way to get them off my back than to knit them.” many of us have fallen into the monkey-sock-addiction-trap. i am 8 pairs in, and not sure it is over for me. i start to get a bit…shaky and nervous, fondling fingering-weight yarn and picturing it knitted up into monkeys if i haven’t had one on the needles in a while. geez, people! the monkey sock has become my vanilla sock pattern – if i am not sure what to do with a pair of socks, chances are they will end up as monkeys!

and the saddest part of this whole thing? i’m not even sure i want help for this addiction. in fact, i may just want to dive further in…

a smattering of monkeys socks:


from left to right: STR Lightweight in Algae, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in African Greys, Dream in Color Smooshy in Deep Seaflower