Five things…

…you didn’t know about Twisted (unless you’re way cool).

wifi1. We have free wi-fi. Yes, although we sell yarn and other fine crafting goods, we are planted firmly in the 21st century. This makes Twisted a great place for students looking for a quiet-but-not-too-quiet place to study with some tea and nice fodder for study breaks. It’s also very useful for giving non-crafting spouses/partners/friends something to do while you fondle yarn.

2. We love kids. Afterall, it’s a yarn store – there’s not a lot they can really break. We have kids’ story books, puzzles, crayons and coloring books stashed under the coffee table. Frequent kiddie visitors know they can dash straight for them and have a fine time while their parents look around. The amigurumi toy samples are also very popular…

cross-stitch kit3. We have a variety of needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery and crewel kits. These kits range from learn to cross-stitch for kids, to surprisingly hip needlepoint bracelets, to embroidered pillowcases, to insanely complicated and huge works of cross-stitch art that look like paintings (one of our favorites is “Going to Market” at left).

4. We do internet/phone orders. While we don’t have a fancy online catalogue – maybe someday – if you see something you just have to have, just send us an email or give us a ring! You can pay by credit card over the phone or online via paypal. Right now everything we sell in the store is also available by internet/phone. However, we know of at least one line that we’re planning on carrying in the future that we will only sell in the store.

5. The gorgeous painting of coffee mugs in our store is right-side-up. The artist, Bonita Davis, hung that painting, titled “Full Tilt on Route 66 in Santa Fe,” herself. In fact we, too, thought that it was upside down at first! Bonita says that while staying at a hostel in Santa Fe, she saw a cabinet of mugs that had been crammed in so tightly that, as other mugs were removed, some of them stuck to the paint on the shelf above them. So that’s why some of the mugs seem to be floating in midair!
Full Tilt on Route 66