First TV night tomorrow!

Just a quick reminder, season one, episodes one and two, of our inaugural TV show, Supernatural, will be airing tomorrow night from round abouts 6-8pm. We are soooo incredibly excited. To celebrate, everyone in attendance will get a little surprise gift… come join us to partake!

If you’re not familiar with Supernatural, TV Guide describes it as a “drama about two brothers, searching for their missing dad, who chase down evil forces that claimed the life of their mother and the life of the younger brother’s girlfriend. They travel the country in a ’67 Chevy Impala, encountering paranormal phenomena at every turn.”

Personally, we’re not sure how much of a drama it really is… There are tense moments but, I mean, things only get so serious with a different urban legend playing out every episode. You’ll be laughing more than crying or trembling for sure. Speaking of which, I (Emily) am both the world’s a) easiest person to make cry (we’re talking tearing up at long-distance commercials here) and b) easiest person to scare (the last and only “horror” movie I watched was Arachnophobia circa 1990), so fear not ye other weepers and scaredicats, this show is Emily-approved fun to watch.

Hope to see you tomorrow night!