February Winners and March Contest

Whew! You guys are dragging the yarn out just about EVERYWHERE. This was a hard contest to score and the votes were all over the board, but two entries stood out a sliver above the rest!

Jocelyn: The craziest place was this: I had a very intimate (and uncomfortable) procedure performed by my OB/GYN, and I knit through the whole thing to distract me. He was very surprised!

Joshin: My fiancée and I felt it was incumbent upon us to open the eyes of a friend of ours, an innocent, young man. She suggested that the two of us take him to a strip club, and I insisted that, as a man, it be one that would have good, cheap steak.
We took a housemate of ours along with us on this cheerful romp, and I sat back as my friends took in the view. I was grateful that the smoking ban had come in to effect as I pulled out my knitting and worked on my sock yarn scarf— the second project I had ever started.

Jocelyn and Joshin, contact me at contest@twistedpdx.com to claim your prize (I just need your full name so we can set your books aside- they’ll be waiting under the counter for you to pick them up!) They’ll each be taking home a copy of Chrissy Gardiner’s wonderful “Toe-Up!” sock book. I encourage everyone to read the rest of the entries here, we had a good chuckle.

March’s contest is a fun one- our first ever knitting limerick contest! (Try to keep ’em family friendly, folks.)
In case you need a refresher, a limerick is a short little poem with a AABBA rhyme scheme, often comical (or attempting to be comical, anyway.) An example:

There once was a man from Great Britain
Who interrupted two girls at their knittin’
Said he with a sigh,
“That park bench, well I
Just painted it right where you’re sittin’.”

Puns and “creative” rhymings welcome!

To enter, just go to our contest page and fill in the form!

This month’s prize is a super crazy-luscious skein of Malabrigo handspun, kettle-dyed angora in Apple Cinnamon. Um, yum.

Good luck!!

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