Feb winner and March theme

Big thanks to Carrie G. (a.k.a., Big Alice… we’re not sure why) for February’s winning haiku on the theme of crafting for someone you love:

Just for you, my love,
I knit plain socks in black yarn
in February

silk dragon toteCarrie wins a lovely red Silk Dragon tote bag to carry her knitting around in style. Perfect – even plain black socks will look sexy and exciting in this bag!

stylish knits for dogsNow for March’s contest. It’s a good one: crafting and pets (dedicated to Alessandra). So, this month, tell us all about the funky sweater you made for your Pomeranian, or about the cat that just wouldn’t leave your yarn alone. The prize is funky little book about knitting for your dog: Stylish Knits for Dogs by Ilene Hochberg.

To enter the March contest, visit our haiku contest page.

Finally, thanks to all that entered and here are the poems from February:

my knits keep you warm
you smile and do not judge FOs
with this stitch, be mine?

knitting for daughter
college students are picky
please picky it out

knitting for long time
sleeves like mountain gorilla
enjoy gift my love

A present for you
Yes it should fit that way dear
You better wear it

Strange brain chemistry
Laughing under electric stars
I’ll make him odd socks

Precious little fingers
Toasty warm in pink mittens
Her smile is sunshine

Exceptional man I hold dear,
For you from my heart I knit
an everlasting symbol of love.

The gleaming smile
The bear hug
Makes it worth the hand cramps

Knitting for husband
He does not like the color
Satisfying – not

Purl, Knit, Seeds of love
I weave my heart into yarn
Hoping my love approves.

Knit for you
Love abounds
Care and warmth envelop all.

Valentine desires handknit gift:
the ring is old
no sweater curse

For you my dearest
Tender yarn, stiches of love.
A halo, my gift.

I knit these red socks
Warm thoughts of love and joy
Lonely heart’s desire

Working my needles
The perfect labour of love
Just for my pumpkin

love in ev’ry stitch
the yarn runs through my fingers
I hope you’ll feel it.

Cold rain drizzles, love grows
snuggly hat warms head
with bursting pinks, red, and blue

The softest voices
Who are speaking the Highest Truth
Are heard the loudest

Sweater on size 0’s
Cables and fair isle in silk
It is true – love hurts

Gather yarns, patterns
perfect idea for him
oophs not correct fit

lovers’ heartstrings looped loosely
tug tight on these threads
make love warm; like red mittens

Never miss a stitch
Knitting my love with needles
To keep my love warm

Hard pointy-head You
Soft bright pliant flowing Me
I knit what we are

Valentine’s Day
auntie asks if she has knitted
her words correctly

Oh so cold bear toes
Tug at heart threads and yarn balls
My needles flash click

Valentine Bear Hug
Knitting warm mittens with love
Keeping Bears Cozy!

Just for you. Weeks spent
planning, knitting, then seaming.
“Oh, it was nothing.”

Knit boyfriend sweater
Lots of money, lots of time
Better not be cursed

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