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even more socks

em was over yesterday to pilfer wireless from us (poor thing is still stuck in the internet stone age) and we were busily working on our respective computers, doing research on such exciting items as ‘commercial refrigerators’ and ‘pegboard’ when i heard the mail carrier bound up the steps. this particular mail carrier talks on her phone the entire time she is delivering mail, so you can hear her way before she arrives at your doorstep. the thunk of mail being dropped into the box brought me leaping to my feet, and i ran outside, grateful for a break from the computer screen.i was secretly hoping for something exciting, something grand, frankly, i was hoping for absolutely anything other than bills. boy, was i not disappointed.

we ordered a bunch of sock yarn from the wonderful angelina at zen string, and i had requested a skein or two to be sent early, so we could get a shop sample knitted up. what can i say to dear angelina, except: wowza, girl.

zen string ball o’ strawberry fields

this yarn is to die for. (i wish the lighting was better, but, hey, this is oregon in the spring, and we are lucky it’s not raining, right?)

she sent ‘strawberry fields forever,’ and i casted on almost immediately. i really should have taken a photo of it skeined up, cuz it was lovely, but i could NOT help myself. i worked on them all evening, at two different bars, to celebrate the birthday of a good friend, and i have to say, i am in love. (yeah, you know me, i am a huge pushover for soft yarn with a tight ply – how predictable). this yarn is really something special, and i’m so glad we are going to be carrying it in the shop. i see a lot of very happy customers wearing zen string yarn come fall. Serendipity sport (scroll down, there’s info about the yarn) has a fabulous ply – not too tight, but definitely not too loose, and the yarn is soft without being overly so. do i sound wishy-washy? it’s just because it’s one of those perfect sock yarns. if you don’t believe me, take a look at these toes:

Strawberry Fields Toe

close up

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