Eco by Debbie Bliss

The sale continues here, but we have also been amassing more and more yarns, patterns, needles, and notions. We need to constantly make room for the new here at Twisted, and that means great deals on great yarns for you. It also means we get yarns like Debbie Bliss’ newest yarn, Eco, and have the opportunity to share it with you. This yarn is one of the new that we are most excited about for the Spring. You all know we love the O-Wool that we received recently (Shannon did start her Log Cabin Blanket, and is in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE), so when we saw a worsted-weight organic cotton in a lovely color palette from Debbie Bliss, we couldn’t help but snag it up.


Eco is an organically grown and dyed 100% cotton yarn, worsted weight, with 99 yards per ball. It’s a part of Debbie Bliss’ new Fairtrade Collection, the first to hit the streets. Care instructions state to hand wash and dry flat.