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“Don’t nuke my juice”

Here at Twisted, we are huge fans of Columbia Gorge Organics juices. I mean, they’re local, they’re delicious, they’re natural… what more can you want in a pint of liquid?
CoGo Juice
Nonetheless, we are even bigger fans of our Juice Guy, Michael. While picking up our order this week, Michael’s first comment was, “Are you here to take my measurements for a sweater?!” Upon being told that even my husband does not have a hand knit sweater from me, Michael agreed that perhaps he’d better switch to a more reasonable request for a scarf or hat.

That resolved, Michael then told us to try warming up the CoGo apple cider, apple ginger cider or apple pear cider for a tasty winter time treat. “Put in some cinnamon sticks and some nutmeg,” he suggested. “Go wild.” I thought that sounded like a grand idea and responded that we have a microwave that would serve said function admirably. Well, turns out that’s the wrong thing to say to a man who loves his juice.

Columbia GorgeStricken, Michael gasped, “Don’t nuke my juice.” Okay, well, it’s possible he was pulling my leg a bit. But, having tried this low-brow method of juice-warming-up-ness, I find that it’s entirely suitable. So, with our apologies to Michael, we invite you to come in, grab a bottle of CoGo and have us turn it into a steaming mug of hot apple cider. Cheers!

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