Contest winners and July contest

Without further ado:

Contest #1
On opening day, Twisted had in stock 9,170 skeins/balls of yarn. We had 74 entries ranging from 202 to 33,000, with a mean of 4363, median of 2714, and mode of 5000… in case you were interested… The winner was Katie S., who guessed 9222. Katie will receive a skein of Zen String Serendipity Sport in the Twisted colorway!

Contest #2
On opening day, Twisted had in stock 38 flavors of tea. We had entries ranging from 5 to 75, with a mean of 32, median of 22 and mode of 15. The winner was Angelina F., who got it right on the money with a guess of 38. Angelina gets a skein of Yarntini in the Twistini colorway to call her very own.

Congrats to the winners – we’ll be sending you an email about getting those prizes to you!

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