Brooklyn Tweed Tones Light

Casting On With Brooklyn Tweed Tones Light

Plan a project with Brooklyn Tweed's newest yarn - Tones Light!

- 24 colors in 12 light/dark tonal pairs make Tones Light ideal for colorwork, stripes, and holding doubled
- Fingering weight woolen-spun 2-ply construction means impeccable stitch definition for cables, lace, and textural knits
- 100% American: Columbia wool sourced from Wyoming, spun in Wisconsin, dyed in Pennsylvania
- 225 yards (206 meters) per 50 gram hank for $15.75
- 6 - 8 stitches per inch with size US 2 - 4  (2.75 - 3.5 mm) needles
- Overall squish factor 12/10

Five knits we're casting on ASAP:

(links below lead to Ravelry)

Bract SweaterBract Sweater

Bract Pullover
Shown in BT Tones Light: Baseline Overtone (MC) with Wallflower UndertoneHollyhock UndertoneNimbus OvertonePersimmon UndertoneStonewash Overtone

Cloudline HatCloudline Hat

Cloudline Hat
Shown in BT Tones Light: Persimmon Overtone & Lychee Undertone

Nysa Crescent ShawlNysa Crescent Shawl

Nysa Crescent Shawl
Shown in BT Tones Light: Baseline Overtone (MC) with Zest OvertoneGranita UndertoneVacay UndertoneGoldfinch Undertone

Skipp HatSkipp Hat

Skipp Hat
Shown in BT Tones Light: Persimmon Overtone & Persimmon Undertone (orange)
BT Loft Cast Iron & Soot (grey) and Old World & Flannel (red)

Ensata Scarf and CowlEnsata Scarf and Cowl

Ensata Scarf & Cowl
Shown in BT Tones Light: Lychee Overtone
All above images © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood.

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