Blue Moon-y Excitement

Three things Blue-Moon-related that I, for one, am uber-excited about:

1. New Twisted organization means better placement of Blue Moon. My dad was in town for Hazel’s 1st Birthday, so we put his butt to work here at Twisted. He extended the Great Wall of Sock Yarn, and we decided to use part of it as a Blue Moon corner. Our BMFA yarns had been sprinkled throughout the shop, but getting them all in the same area is awesome!

2. This sweater pattern will be out soon, and we have ordered a ton of WooBu for it! It is, no joke, the best thing I have ever, in my life, knitted, and will get its own blog post one day. Suffice it to say that I have not taken it off, except to sleep and shower, since finishing it. We will be doing a KAL soon, peeps.

3. Hazel and I are GOING TO SOCK CAMP!!! We’ll let you know how it goes, but we are superduper excited!