We Tried It: Blocking with a Stasher Bag

Portland is full of beautiful, turn-of-the-century Craftsman bungalows. They are charming, stately, historic... and usually have very very very small bathrooms. One Twistedista has taken to using a Stasher bag to wash handknits instead of tying up the bathroom sink. Turns out it's both easier and much-appreciated by her person, who sometimes needs to use the sink, too, apparently.

Here's a quick and dirty how-to video about this method to get your handknits quickly clean. :)



Step 1: Gather Supplies

Step 2: Fill 'er Up

  • Fill bag with cool or tepid water - not hot
  • Gently squeeze water through item - do not agitate or stretch
  • Let sit about 5 minutes
  • Squeeze water through item again
  • Let sit again

Step 3: Take it Out

  • Squeeze out water - do NOT wring
  • Wrap item in a dry towel
  • Squeeze out as much water as possible

Step 4: Block

  • Set item to dry so that it assumes its best possible shape.
  • For a hat, that might mean putting it on a bowl.
  • For lace, that can mean blocking wires or pins.
  • For a lot of things, that just means laying it out carefully on dry towels.
  • Put it somewhere with good airflow that isn't in direct sun.

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