Beaded Treasure Bag or Felted Purse

This class is a crash course in knitting with beads. Three different techniques are taught and many bead effects and possible embellishments are discussed. The purse can either be made into a drawstring treasure bag or hand felted in class for use as a wallet.

Monday, January 18. 5:00–8:00pm.
Monday, February 1. 5:00–8:00pm.
Saturday, March 13. 1:00-4:00pm.
Monday, April 5. 5:00-8:00pm.

Taught by designer Sivia Harding

Materials: Felted version: Fine, smooth feltable yarn – 40 yards. Sport weight smooth yarn – 40 yds. Needles, either straights or circular, US 4 or 5 (3.5 mm or 3.75 mm) whatever will give a firm fabric. 256 size 6/0 beads, in an opaque or metallic finish (MC). 40 size 6/0 seed beads in an opaque or metallic finish in an accent color (CC). These could also be an unusual shape, like cube, megatama, or triangle. Small crochet hook (Susan Bates #13 works). Threader, Yarn needle for seaming and darning in ends, Stitch markers.
Includes: Pattern and handout.
Skills learned: Knitting with beads, Hand felting.