August contest winner

There were some very clever entries this month on our theme of learning a new craft. There was one that stood out from the crowd, though…

Steek my knitting? Yikes!
Shining blade down Fair Isle rows.
Take deep breath. And cut.

For this shinning jewel, Lynda C. earned herself a felted bag kit! Three balls of Ella Rae yarn and a pattern by Black Sheep Bags. Congrats Lynda!

Now that you’ve all been inspired by Lynda, please go check out our new September haiku contest. Good luck!

and, once again, let’s see the creativity from all of the other guys and gals who entered our contest:

small needle and holes
pretty thread that is so thin
needlepoint not for me

Many twists of yarn will bring
new understanding
even as it twists the brain

Challenge of new fun
Twisting a piece of knowledge
Seeking a new thrill

Ingrained in our souls,
The human need to create.
But first we must learn.

The perfect sweater
Except for the dropped stiches
Which make it all mine

reading the pattern
makes no sense to me at all
better baste it first

Can’t quite figure it out…
Re-read directions again….
Oh wait! It’s perfect!

Struggle to knit such
Lovely cowls, shrugs or socks, but
Will my cat wear them?

Frustration set in
Then I finally cast on
My sweater is warm

Many gifts to knit
But first I must learn to spin
My fibers to yarn

Knit, crochet, felting
So many new things to learn
Where do I sign up?

Cast on, knit and purl,
Rhythm, tension, check the count,
Bind off and feel proud.

Brush full of color
Image dances in my mind
White paper still blank

new craft vexes me
teeth clenched,shoulders tight and then
let it go; Voila!

anxious to hold the beauty
alas, I begin again
patience slowly develops

I’m inspired to try
a new craft by your contest;
Pick me as winner!

Cropping photos all
night long, each page a story
of my heritage.

New crafts at Twisted
Crewel to Basket Weaving
Come join in the fun

crosstitch threads I buy
but lovely, fluffy yarns wink
I must learn to knit

When learning a craft
Frustrated, yet determined,
Wonderful goal reached.

hot glue gun drips on
thumb and silk flower are joined
I will wear my craft

Lush yarns, tight twists, lace;
Minutes to learn- Life of joy
Must keep hands busy

Twisted yarn in the sunlight
Brilliant, Prismatic, predestined for hand made art
Watch as it twists together.

My first knitting class:
How to knit a child’s sweater
Should have tried a scarf

I am fumbling
Pulling out stitches cursing
Smiling once it’s right

That pretty lace stitch
Somehow this isn’t working
I frog it again

hook one, pearl two; repeat
my mantra I say over and over
soon a new potholder emerges

Trial and error
something old is new

Yarn tangled twisted
Knit purl twisted sweater felts
Twisted are teachers

Stepping out of my bubble
Knots twisted in my belly and hands
Determined with eyes wide open.

Painstaking attention
to every little detail
until you “just know.”

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