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Art felt

So, a quick word about a class we have coming up in March that I am seriously psyched about. Artfelt ™ is a fairly new technique that uses fine merino wool roving from Skacel and their magical “easy felt” paper. It’s is a bit like needle felting and wet felting, but requires far less time (and dare I say talent) than either of the those!

Each kit contains enough roving (in a whole variety of gorgeous, wonderful, inspiring colors) and easy felt paper to make either a scarf, several pillows or a purse. It also contains two barbed needles, one plastic sheet for felting and an instructional slide show DVD. You just cut your paper, lay out your roving, saturate your work with water, roll it up in the plastic and pop it in the dryer. The tumbling and heat of the dryer magically felts your piece.
Our class is being taught by Joanne, our Skacel representative and, trust us, an Artfelt ™ master! It’s Saturday, March 1 from 9am – 12 noon. The class is $20 and the kit is $45. This class is going to be so fun that we scheduled it before normal business hours so that both Shannon and I can take it! One of those benefits of being the boss…

To sign up, just stop by or call us at 503-922-1150. Check out all our other classes here.

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