Ammee’s Babies Kits

Check out a brand new craft that’s super quick if you’ve got some babies you need holiday gifts for. All you need to do is simple crochet around the edges and voila it’s hand made without all the prep work!

Ammee’s Babies Hemstitching Kits give you all the tools to make fast, fun and easy gifts that will impress. This kit contains one large blanket (36”x40”) and burp cloth (8″x18″), plus 1 ball #10/50gms. of crochet thread, 1 #5.1.8mm crochet hook, and instructions for right-handed AND lefties too.

Both blanket and burp cloth come already to be hemstitched, no need to punch holes by hand. Also, the edge is over-locked to avoid raveling while you crochet. Double-sided for better absorption. Mid-weight, 100% cotton flannel for durability. No trimming or prep time necessary before you get started.

You’ll love making it, the parents will love how beautiful it is (not to mention how easy to care for), and baby will love soft feel and colorful patterns. Score!

Here’s more about hemstitching…