Amigurumi Class Coming Up

Hey everyone! There’s an Amigurumi Class coming up at Twisted, and there are still spots open in it! The ever-popular, insanely cute, crazy, funky, big-headed amigurumi are Japanese style toy animals. Betcha can’t make just one.

The class is Saturday, June 7 from 11:30am – 1:30pm. It’s $20, and you get 10% off of any class supplies you buy here.
Give us a call (503-922-1150) or stop in to sign up.


Our own Twisted obsession began a few years ago, with our buddy Michelle, and her so-called “wonky duck” (pictured above). She brought that sweet little guy into our lunchtime knitting group a few years ago, and that’s about all it took to get us hooked. Although at that time, most of the books for amigurumi were in Japanese, Michelle was able to teach us fairly easily how to read them, because the patterns are all charts and you don’t actually need to know a word of Japanese to decipher them. Now, Michelle is our very own Twisted Amigurumi expert, teaching the class and converting normal folk to Amigurumi fiends. Fast forward just a few years, and we are surrounded with English translations of those very same books, which makes it even easier, but we also have a class that will help you figure out the more difficult aspects of crocheting amigurumi. So get registered, get started, and crochet up a menagerie of fun and funky lil friends.

Here’s one Emily did as part of a charity auction for the French Bulldog Rescue Network:

and another that Shannon did for her hubby:

We’ve posted these before, but wanted to refresh your memories – here are a few fun amigurumi sites:
Amigurumi Kingdom is notable for the slightly disturbing but undeniably cute disembodied amigurumi heads in muffin cups
Kookaloo’s amigurumi page on Squidoo has an extensive list of free patterns

Enjoy – and let the obsession begin!