Adventures in Cozies

This pattern by Michelle Molis was originally released as part of our Single Skein Club. And now it’s available to everyone!

Here at Twisted, we’re mostly children of the 1980s. Thundercats, Strawberry Shortcake, Aerosmith… these are the things that make our hearts go pitterpat. And back then, the hippest thing in children’s literature was the Choose Your Own Adventure novel. You remember – the kind where at the end of the chapter, you make a decision about what the characters should do and then flip to a different page depending on what you choose. They were the best!

This pattern is a wee homage to those novels of our childhood. Because it isn’t actually one pattern, but four! You get to mix and match and choose what to knit. And to make things even more exciting, we’ve paired the pattern with Noro Kureyon, because each ball is so different it’s always an adventure to work with. Plus what other yarn can match Noro’s bright and cheery colors?

So, choose your own adventure! With one skein you can make EITHER 5 coasters, OR 2 trivets, OR 2 ruffled bottle cozies, OR 3 ruffled can cozies.

Buy a hard copy from our online shop or download it from Ravelry.