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a new love affair

the year of the sweater continues for me. i finished my sister’s wicked (and, how wickedly wonderful it was to knit – the zephyr gals are geniuses, i tell you, GENIUSES!!)

i made the sweater out of malabrigo. oh, the joys of knitting with malabrigo. i am in love. deep and utter love. it’s so soft, the colors are so wonderful, the stitches are so beautiful. we have a group making the tree jacket (also, unsurprisingly, from the zephyr gals), and many of them are using malabrigo, as well.


even though it’s a full month and a half until her birthday, i gave my sister the sweater, and i am not sure she has taken it off yet. it fits her perfectly, she’s a total layering-gal (like me!), and it’s keeping her warm and cozy now that we are experiencing sunny chilly days here in portland.


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