Stochastic Fantastic Scarf - by Emily Williams

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Stochastic Fantastic Scarf - by Emily Williams

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Twisted Pattern Line Stochastic Fantastic Scarf - by Emily Williams

“Stochastic” [stuh-kas-tik] is nerdy statistics lingo for random. Knitting is normally very orderly and predictable – quite un-stochastic. But on a recent backpacking trip, it occurred to me to design a pattern that could emulate the chaotic beauty of nature. Trees in a forest, ripples on a lake, snowflakes...

And the way to do that is not so much by designing a pattern as by not designing a pattern. So, for this project, chance will guide your scarf gradually from plain stockinette stitch to a field of flowers. Rolling a die to determine your pattern, every single person's creation will be unique!

Thanks go to Barbara Walker for the inspiration for the flower motif and to my dad (an economics professor, and my backpacking buddy) for the name of the pattern. Photos by the incom-parable Vivian Aubrey.


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230 yards lace or fingering weight yarn.

US #5 / 3.75 mm mm (or size to get gauge) for working flat

darning needle, stitch markers, optional: 1 six-sided die


24 stitches and 32 rows = 4"/10 cm in stockinette stitch. Measured after blocking. Gauge is not crucial but will affect finished size and yarn usage.

6” wide, 54” long after blocking.

Advanced Beginner