The Principles of Knitting

Simon & Schuster

The Principles of Knitting

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Simon & Schuster The Principles of Knitting

Methods and Techniques of Hand Knitting — Completely Revised & Updated June Hemmons Hiatt ISBN-13: 9781416535171 ISBN-10: 1416535179 Category: Knitting Cover: Hardcover Pages: 704 Size (WxH): 8.5" x 10.9" Publisher: Simon & Schuster Principles of Knitting is incredibly comprehensive -- many fans call it the Joy of Cooking for knitters. Some knitting books show you one or two methods to do a basic stitch like an increase. June shows you a dozen different methods, each particularly suited to different projects and different knitters' needs. For every stitch, every material, every design, June has tested the various techniques and brings you the very best information, informed by decades of experience and thousands of hours of practice. The 2011 revision has been TOTALLY rewritten -- new instruction, new illustrations, new information. While the basics of knitting have not changed much, June's techniques for teaching have evolved over the last 25 years, and she's eager to share them with the world. In addition, there's updated information about Materials, some improved instructions for tricky techniques like intarsia and double-knitting, an easier-to-follow organization of the book, and a gorgeous new design.