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Spin-Off Magazine, Fall 2017


Spin-Off Magazine, Fall 2017

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Interweave Spin-Off Magazine, Fall 2017

Spinning tests our creativity and pushes us out of our comfort zones. Sometimes we’re spinning for a competition such as Spinzilla or the Tour de Fleece, and other times we’re racing the clock trying to meet a project deadline. The Summer 2017 issue of Spin Off offers support for challenges of all kinds to help you increase your spinning skills and your spinning happiness! Read helpful hints from top spinners on avoiding aches and pains, and use those tips as you spin the perfect yarn for your next knitting project with Jillian Moreno. Turn your dreams into reality and start your own fiber business with crowdfunding, and peek over Kate Larson’s shoulder as she reveals the art of spinning a strong and stretchy cabled yarn. Finally, in a fun piece by Geof Ruppert, we learn why sheep wear coats! Tackle everyday spinning challenges with the Summer 2017 issue of Spin Off magazine!