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Old Growth Kits - RCYC 2019

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Red Dawn
Shed A Little Light

Old Growth Kits - RCYC 2019 - from Twisted

Grab and go and get to crocheting with this kit of Twisted's 2019 Rose City Yarn Crawl featured crochet pattern - Old Growth designed by Malaika Gabriel.

Please note that supply of the pre-built kits limited! If you come to our bricks and mortar shop and we have run out of pre-built kits, we will select the component parts to build a kit specially for you. Also, stock status can vary between online and in-store because... well... things get stolen a lot! We apologize for any inconvenience.

Laurelhurst Park in SE Portland was designed in 1912 by Emanuel Mische, longtime horticultural expert for the famous landscape architects the Olmsted Brothers. It features a pond, walking paths and, according to a 2010 survey, nearly 1000 trees from 115 species. Among them are five rare deciduous Dawn Redwoods. Long thought extinct and reintroduced to North America in the 1940s, these examples of Oregon’s State Fossil are now alive and well in Laurelhurst, dropping their thin golden leaves each autumn.

Old Growth

image © Rose City Yarn Crawl


  • 1 full-color, double-sided printed copy of the Old Growth crochet pattern
  • 2 skeins of either Blue Moon Fiber Arts Featherlight or Socks That Rock Lightweight (your choice) 
  • Packaged in a Twisted logo drawstring cotton project bag - while supplies last. If supplies of the cotton bags run out we will package your kit in a clear plastic box.


    Kits are available in either Socks That Rock Lightweight or Featherlight. Both are fingering weight, though STR-L is a heavy fingering weight yarn and Featherlight is a lighter fingering weight yarn.

    Blue Moon Fiber Arts created two exclusive colorways for Twisted to celebrate the 2019 Rose City Yarn Crawl. They are inspired by our chosen parks for this year's RCYC theme "A Walk in the Park" - Mt. Tabor for the knitting pattern and Laurelhurst for the crochet pattern. Laurelhurst is home to several rare deciduous Dawn Redwoods, which drop gorgeous rust-colored needles every autumn.

    Want to create your own color combo? Check out all of our colors of Socks That Rock Lightweight and Featherlight!

    The Old Growth pattern is also available separately on Ravelry for $6.