Laine - Nordic Knit Life, Issue 9

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Laine - Nordic Knit Life, Issue 9

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Laine is a high-quality Nordic knit & lifestyle magazine for knit folks. We cherish natural fibres, slow living, local craftsmanship, and beautiful, simple things in life. Our intention is to inspire you to gather and share, to be part of a community of like-minded knitters, makers and thinkers from near and far. Knitting is more than just knit, knit, purl. It is a feeling.

Issue nine, "1833", includes:
· 140 pages
· 13 knitting patterns from a talented group of designers: Fiona Alice, Rachel Brockman, Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Aleks Byrd, Renée Callahan, Verena Cohrs, Elly Fales, Whitney Hayward, Marianne Munier, Lavanya Patricella, Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre, Susanne Sommer and Becky Sørensen (please see the full list of yarns featured below)
· an interview with Lavanya Patricella
· a long-format story about Petra Mikaelsson from Fru Valborg.
· my story by Kristine Vejar from A Verb For Keeping Warm
· a column by Jeanette Sloan
· seasonal recipes
· a travel guide to Munich, featuring the best spots to stay, eat and shop

Print only. No digital download code available.

Printed in Estonia.

PINACEAE, sweater Rachel Brockman Yarn: Lore by The Fibre Co. (colourway: Courage)
MISS APPLE’S LITTLE CARDI, cardigan Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre Yarns: Brusca by Rosa Pomar (colourway: 10C) and Sensai by ITO (colourway 342 Pool Green)
JOY, cardigan Renée Callahan Yarn: Rockwell by Jill Draper Makes Stuff (colourway: Clear Skies)
RISTTEE, sweater Aleks Byrd Yarn: Knit by Numbers 4 ply by John Arbon (colourways: KBN117, KBN118, KBN119, KBN120, KBN86)
FLOREA, mittens Becky Sørensen Yarn: Tukuwool Sock by Tukuwool (colourway: Runo)
WOODBINE, sweater Fiona Alice Yarns: Bowland Aran by Eden Cottage Yarns (colourways: Oak, Bark) and Eldwick Lace by Eden Cottage Yarns (colourway: Bark)
MÖKKI, sweater Verena Cohrs Yarn: Gilliatt by De Rerum Natura (colourway: Goeland)
PIANTA DI GRANO, wrap Lavanya Patricella Yarn: Rustic Fingering by Neighborhood Fiber Co. (colourways: Basquiat, Upton)
LUMI, sweater Marianne Munier Yarn: Loft by Brooklyn Tweed (colourway: Hayloft)
SUMMER LONGING, cardigan Susanne Sommer Yarn: Tamtam DK by Frida Fuchs (colourway: Granatapfel)
RAMSAY, sweater Whitney Hayward Yarn: Luft by Woolfolk (colourway: L9 Eggplant)
UPPLEGA, socks Elly Fales Yarn: Nomade by Julie Asselin (colourways: Ardoise, Heathered Biscotti)
WINTER SUNS, shawl Olga Buraya-Kefelian Yarns: North Ave by Plied Yarn Co. (colourways: Divine, Webb), Studio DK by Neighborhood Fiber Co. (colourways: Oliver, Cross Street Market, Butcher’s Hill, Mondawmin)

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