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Rainbow Knit Blockers

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Rainbow Knit Blockers - from Knitter's Pride

Knitter's Pride Knit Blockers™ were developed in partnership with Nancy's Knit Knacks as an innovative solution to more easily and quickly block handknit and crocheted projects. They substantially reduce the number of pins needed to block a project, plus they apply a more consistent tension over a wide area. They save time and provide a better, more consistent solution than using pins alone.

Knit Blockers™ can also serve as an anchor for attaching a string to run within the stitch ends along the perimeter of the project. You may also use Knit Blockers in a similar way with blocking wires.

A Rainbow Knit Blocker set consists of 20 units in 10 colors in a nice plastic storage case: twelve 8 pin Blockers and eight 4 pin blockers.

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