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Stitch Stoppers

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Stitch Stoppers - from Cocoknits

Keep your stitches on your needles with Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers. These little foam disks are made of pliable EVA foam that allows the stoppers to slide all the way down your needle to hold stitches while you are on the move or trying on your top-down knitted garments.

Designed by knitters for knitters, you can also use Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers to turn any double point or circular needle into a stitch holder... and a double point into a straight needle!

Packaged in a cute brown bag, the set contains 4 each of 6 sizes; 24 pieces total. Across the 6 sizes, stoppers can accommodate needle sizes US 0–15 (2–10 mm). Made of EVA foam. Select either colorful or neutral.