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Charts Made Simple by JC Briar

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Charts Made Simple by JC Briar

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Unicorn Books Charts Made Simple by JC Briar

CHARTS MADE SIMPLE Understanding Knitting Charts Visually JC Briar ISBN-13: 9780983079200 ISBN-10: 098307920X Category: Knitting Cover: Softcover Pages: 104 Publisher: Glass Iris Publications Knitting on paper: that’s what a chart is. Symbols take the place of stitches, forming a picture of knitted fabric. Charts Made Simple explains how this picture unlocks the secret of understanding charts, teaching knitters how to read charts and how to make the most of them: to make sense of the symbols in a chart without being overly dependent on its key, to use charts as guides for minimizing and recovering from mistakes, and to handle chart quirks—“no stitch” symbols, repeated stitches, changes in stitch count, and more—with ease. Copious examples clearly illustrate key points, and at the end of each chapter, a concise summary and a set of exercises cement the lessons learned.