By Hand Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin

By Hand - Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin by By Hand | Twisted
By Hand - Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin by By Hand | Twisted
By Hand - Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin by By Hand | Twisted
By Hand Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin | Twisted
By Hand Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin | Twisted

By Hand Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin

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If Snow Days are your best days, you’ll love cozying up to Special Release No. 2: In the Cabin. Travel through snowy woods, across frozen ponds and discover the secret pleasures of this slow season.

We find ourselves often dreaming of a cabin getaway mid-winter. Away from the complexities and complications of everyday life, we can find the time to sleep in, snuggle up—to read a book and begin a new project. Relish long weekends with a beautiful new project, or explore the quiet of a world freshly dipped in snow while sledding, skating, or snowshoeing in cozy winter accessories and sweaters.

Through this Special Release, you’ll discover a variety of perfect projects for fireside crafting. Discover a new love for flannel in the form of a sewn capelet or puff quilt. Try your hand at counted cross stitch with a sweet cabin scene from Pigeon Coop Studios, or cast on a new knitting project from Anne Hanson, Andrea Hungerford or Hannah Thiessen. Photographer Jenn Bakos shares an inside look at how maple syrup is made, and takes us on a journey of projects and recipes for all things campfire: aromatic firestarters, flame-cooked meals and cast iron make major appearances.

Warm and cozy knitting and sewing
  • Tree Bark Cardigan
  • Mountain Pine Pullover
  • Plaid Hooded Blanket Shawl
  • Puffy Quilt
  • Snow Drifts Hat
  • Champlain Colorwork Pullover
Projects and recipes to beat the chill
  • Aromatic Wax Firestarters
  • Open Flame Cast Iron Cooking: Beef Stew
  • Maple Sugar Candy in the Snow
  • Winter Cabin Cross Stitch
Reading by the fire
  • Maple Syrup Season
  • Snuggle Up: Favorite Winter Blankets
  • Seasoning a Cast Iron Pan
  • Flannel: A Fuzzy Bit of History

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