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You Crafty Bitch
Random Crap
I Do As I Please
Wild Horses

Jumbo Pouch - from Blue Q

The Blue Q Jumbo Pouch measures 10.25" high x 13.75" wide x 1" deep. Truly Jumbo, right?!

Pop your WIP in this pouch and you'll still have room for a Blue Q Coin Purse or Pencil Case for your notions. Feeling techie? It's also the perfect size for a notebook, tablet, or slim laptop to slip inside. Really, what can't it hold?

Blue Q is a sassy company with a lot of heart. Blue Q bags are made with 95% post-consumer recycled materials like used rice sacks. The resulting fabric is water-resistant, wicked durable, and printed with bright, crisp, lasting designs. Plus, Blue Q donates 1% of the sale of its bags to environmental initiatives like the Nature Conservancy!