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1 Marachino Short
Ring of Fire
Son of a Nutcracker
Keep It In Your Pantry
On a Lark
A Total Eclipse of the Sun
Dark Side of the Blue Moon
Valkyrie Fledge
Oola Pikka

Ripple Description

Ripple is a seriously soft, fabulously textured, super bulky thick and thin single with a wee nylon component ply. The component ply is thinner than the single, and this added variation between thick and thin lends still more texture. One skein is all you need for a quick and cozy scarf.

Because of the wonderful way it takes color, and all of that texture, Ripple is one of those yarns that does most of the work for you. You do not need a complicated stitch pattern - in fact, the simpler the better to show off that ripple effect and create interesting textured fabrics in no time!

Fiber: 99% Wool / 1% Nylon
Weight: Bulky
Gauge: 9-12 sts = 4” / 10 cm
Needles: US 10-13 / 6-9 mm
Put up: 8 ounce/226 gram hank. Hanks must be wound prior to knitting with them. To add yarn winding to your order, click here.
Length: 245 yards / 224 meters
Care: Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry.