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Large Dumpling Bag

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Large Dumpling Bag Description

Reversible and hand-washable, this large dumpling bag is approximately 9"x9"x21". It holds a larger project like a sweater perfectly or it can fit two or three small dumpling bags to keep all your projects wrangled. One handle fits through a grommet on the other so you can easily take your knitting with you on the go.

Binkwaffle fabrics are best washed by hand, although most will handle a delicate cycle in the washer just fine. We recommend air drying and spot ironing if needed. The fabrics can withstand pretty high iron heat, but take care not to melt your grommet in the process. Remember, too, that if {gasp} a stain ever affects one side of your bag, it's reversible. Flip that thing around and you have a new bag!

Last but not least, Binkwaffle bags are sure to give you an extra smile from knowing you're supporting a small family business. All bags are sewn and assembled in the US. Most fabrics come from the US, as well.