Amirisu - Issue 4, Spring/Summer 2014 (reprint)


Amirisu - Issue 4, Spring/Summer 2014 (reprint)

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Amirisu - Issue 4, Spring/Summer 2014 (reprint) - from Amirisu

This is a reprint from Amirisu's Issue 4 from 2014. It was originally printed with 2 patterns inside, as a test run with only 500 copies, and has long been out of print. For this reprint, Amirisu has included all 12 patterns. It is printed in the same format as the most up-to-date issues, but 116 pages instead of 100 pages.

Features: Designer in Focus: Kirstin Johnstone / Yarn We Adore: Brooklyn Tweed

Articles: Knitting Photography, Japanese Knitting, and more.

Participating Designers: All 12 patterns are included in the printed magazine. Kirstin Johnstone / Stephen West / Gudrun Johnston / Leila Raabe / Michele Wang / Veera Välimäki / Melanie Berg / Bethany Hick / Yuki / nest-design laboratory / Reiko Kuwamura / Kristin Ford

Download Code: A Ravelry download code will be provided as stickers.

Printed in Japan.