Rocket Circular Needles - Sock Sizes

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Addi Rocket Circular Needles - Sock Sizes | Twisted

Rocket Circular Needles - Sock Sizes

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Addi Rocket circular needles come in sizes US 3-0 / 1.5 mm - US 13 / 9 mm in a variety of lengths. The length of these needles is measured from tip to tip.

  • This page contains "sock" sizes of US 3 / 3.25 mm and smaller.
  • For "standard" sizes of US 4 / 3.75 mm and larger, visit Addi Rocket Circular Needles.

Addi Rockets feature the same superior joins, pliable cords, and ultra-smooth nickel-plated brass tips that gives Addi Turbos their incomparable zip, but with sharper points.

All Addi needles are manufactured to exact metric sizes - US sizes are approximate. All Addi products come with a life time guarantee against manufacturer's defects.

We don't have photos of each size and length - not to worry, though - you'll receive the size and length you select and add to your cart.