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Click Cords - SOS


Click Cords - SOS

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Click Cords - SOS Description

Unraveling a knitted project is never an easy task, and it often leads to dropped stitches and wasted time. However, knitting with the patent-pending Addi SOS cord allows for the effortless insertion of a lifeline as you knit! To open the lifeline eyelet, simply grasp the cord on each side of the eyelet and press together. Thread your lifeline yarn through the eyelet, and continue working as normal. When not in use, the eyelet collapses on itself and disappears into the cord.

The cord sizes will create the indicated-length needle when combined with 5" tips: Turbo, Rocket Long Tip, Olive Wood, or Bamboo tips. (Rocket Short Tip 4" tips, being shorter in length, will yield a shorter needle.)

Please note that all Addi products are precisely manufactured in millimeters and US sizing is approximate.