Twisted's staff members, or Twistedistas as we call ourselves, are here to help and look forward to assisting you online!

ANNA - ManagerAnna

When Anna isn't knitting, you might find her out and about playing trombone and singing vintage swing music, dressed in the legal limit of sequins. She might also be burning up the karaoke stage with her comedian husband, Leo.

ANNY - ManagerAnny

Anny is a recent transplant from Chicago and started working at Twisted just a few days after arriving in Portland. She knits, crochets, and is absolutely obsessed with hand dyers!


Carol is Twisted's tech-editor extraordinaire (we got her a JaMpdx mug that says so), as well as stock girl, painter, life coach, curtain-ironer, and all around mom. That's because she is, in fact, Emily's mom. Many of Twisted's mantras started as her pearls of wisdom - including "touch it once", "let's make a list", and "it'll never be as good as it is right now". She visits us, and ensures we eat regular healthy meals, every few months.

CHERI - Teacher, Sample Knitting Coordinatorcheri

Cheri is a native Oregonian, born just 2 miles from Twisted. She loves the beach, but not the water; likes the mountains, but doesn’t ski; and loves cold rainy weather, but not winter coats. Cheri began knitting before you were born. She loves helping customers learn new things, achieve their goals, and pick out the perfect yarn. Amazing Cheri Facts: she lived in West Africa for 4 years, owned a yarn shop for 12 years, designed and knit over two dozen sweaters for her late, great, feisty chihuahua Riley, and is still happily married to her high school sweetheart.

DAWN - Facilities Managerdawn

Dawn was born a Midwesterner who is a Portlander at heart. True to that she has tried it all- knitting, sewing, needle felting, jewelry making, baking, pickling, canning, fermenting... She lives in the neighborhood with her bike commuting husband, roller derby/soccer daughter and gaming son. When not at the store, she is watching movies, reading fabulously trashy romances and forcing her kids on hikes.

ELINOR - Teacherelinor

Elinor has been a knitter for over 15 years, and has taught at several yarn shops in her storied career. She has an eye for catching mistakes before they happen, and lives for the "ah ha!" moment with students.

EMILY - Owner, Co-Founderemily

Though a Hoosier by birth, college at Stanford introduced Emily to the west coast and it stuck. During a year abroad at Oxford, Emily got a very bad haircut from a very dear friend and resorted to a near buzz cut. The kindhearted English house mother taught her how to knit hats so she didn't freeze while it grew out. Other than knitting, sewing, and the like, Emily enjoys backpacking and playing with technology (habits acquired from her dad), as well as gardening and refinishing furniture (talents fostered by her mom). Her person, Kirk, is a musician, writer, and host of your new favorite podcast. She has the cutest dog ever.

FIONA - Clerkfiona

Fiona, a native Portlander, was a very enthusiastic customer at Twisted before she joined the team. Everything she knits seems to be purple, pink, or gray despite her best efforts to try new things. When she isn't knitting, she's curled up watching scary movies with her dear hubby, darling baby girl, and two rescued mutts, Marceline and Stanley, or working on her novel, or at the barn with her horse, Kramer. She has a degree in English Literature so if you ever want to talk about Frankenstein while you debate colorways, she's your girl.

MARISSA - Photographermarissa

Marissa is a multimedia artist from the San Francisco Bay Area with a BFA in painting. She enjoys comfortably crafting on the couch and often tears up thinking about cuddling animals. She claims that if she were a waste receptacle, she would be a compost bin. You can view her quirky, fine art at