Twisted Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

As of 3/15/23, the Twisted Rewards Program has ended.

Rewards are not earned on new purchases. 

Rewards earned on purchases prior to 3/15/23 should still be unlocked on schedule 30 days after the purchase.

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Updated March 15, 2023


Prior terms below apply to purchases before 3/15/23 and were last updated August 1, 2022.


Opting-in to Twisted Rewards:

All users must accept these terms and conditions and create an account with Twisted to opt-in to the program and earn, accrue, retain, and redeem Twisted Rewards. The program is FREE to join and membership is ongoing until or unless the user requests to be removed or is removed due to abuse of the program. Users can opt-in to the program by creating an account on Once opted-in to the program, Twisted Rewards will earn and accrue for redemption as described below until the Twisted Rewards expire or the user leaves the program.

All information collected and used to facilitate the Twisted Rewards program is directly related to the program's ability to provide value to the customer. The value of the Twisted Rewards program is dependent on a number of factors, such as: (1) operating expenses related to maintaining the program, (2) marketing expenses to run the program, (3) the difference in revenue generated by offering the discount versus paying full-price, (4) long term value of the Twisted Rewards program member as compared to a general Twisted customer, and (5) overall customer retention or loyalty. Opting-in to the Twisted Rewards program by registering a customer account is a separate action from establishing a user profile as a result of making a purchase as a guest.

The program opt-in requirement was added on June 1st, 2022 to better comply with evolving privacy legislation. Existing program members prior to that date can use previously earned rewards but cannot earn new rewards until they formally opt-in (by creating a Twisted account) and accept the terms and conditions. Pre-existing program members that do not have a Twisted account or create one prior to May 31st, 2023 (one year from the change) will be removed from the program, and any unused Twisted Rewards will be voided.

Leaving Twisted Rewards Program:

You may choose to leave the Twisted Rewards program at any time by emailing us. If you leave the rewards program, any unused Twisted Rewards will be voided upon completion of your request.

Earning Twisted Rewards:

All items we sell are eligible to earn rewards. Items earn 5% back on the final price paid after all discounts are applied. You do not earn Twisted Rewards on shipping, tax, or gratuity (tip) charges - only on the item subtotal after discounts. Twisted Rewards are unlocked 30 days after an order is paid. Twisted Rewards expire one year after they are applied and are redeemed on a first-in, first out basis (in other words, we always use your oldest Twisted Rewards that are closest to expiration).

Current and former Twisted staff members who are eligible for employee discounts and their immediate family members are not eligible to earn or redeem Twisted Rewards.

Checking & Redeeming Twisted Rewards:

On, sign-in on any page to see your available balance. Once signed in, you will check your available Twisted Rewards balance on your account page, as well as see it on the cart page. We will send you a confirmation email when your Twisted Rewards are applied to your account 30 days after a purchase. This is a transactional email that you will receive even if you are not subscribed to our marketing emails.

If you have a Twisted Rewards balance we will also send you a quarterly reminder email. The reminders may be unsubscribed from using the link at the bottom of those emails.

Product Returns and Twisted Rewards:

Rewards are applied 30 days after a purchase, when the return window has ended in most instances. If you return an item, you will not earn rewards on that item. If you return an item after Twisted Rewards have been applied, we will deduct the Twisted Rewards earned on that item from your balance. If you used the Twisted Rewards and your balance is less than the deduction, then your refund is reduced by the difference.

Program Abuse:

The intent of the program is to provide our loyal customers with a bonus for shopping with our small business. Twisted reserves the right to remove any user from the program and zero out their 

Twisted Rewards balance if Twisted determines that the user is abusing the program by buying for resale, attempting to game the program, or any other reason at Twisted's sole discretion.