Sometimes you just need a hand! Here is a brief list of helpful resources from Twisted and around the web.


Our Q&A blog series answers some of the most common questions we receive from customers. For example, do I really have to get gauge? What is the best first hat pattern? Does yarn weight matter? Should I use wood or metal needles?

Yarn 101

In our Yarn 101 blog series, we explain some of the basic features of yarn and why they matter for your project. Learn about ply, color, fiber, and more.


Knitting and crochet patterns come with lots of abbreviations to decipher. Here are some of the ones we use.

Technique How-Tos

In these pages, we demonstrate common knitting techniques using videos and written instructions with pictures. This is a work in progress as we add more videos and pictures regularly!

Starting: Slip Knot and Cast Ons - Starting your knitting project from the beginning.

Catching Floats - Keeping stranded colorwork tidy on the wrong side.

Kitchener Stitch - Invisibly graft two ends together.

Short Rows with the Easy as Pie Dishcloth

Wash and Block a Hat - Blocking is magic!

Cheri Knits

Longtime teacher at Twisted Cheri Clark has launched her own website with online knitting courses. With 35+ years of experience and a truly boundless love of knitting, Cheri is one of the best teachers in the business.

Cheri's extensive, easy-to-follow courses contain hours of professional video instruction and are broken down into easy-to-digest, bite-sized lessons. You can revisit lessons again and again and interact directly with Cheri via chat.

blue yarn in a loop with one row knit on wood knitting needles

Learn to Knit

$45 - get $10 off with coupon code TWISTED

Everyone begins somewhere. Let's get started!

balls of yarn, wooden knitting needles, and a knitting pattern

5 Keys to Choosing the Right Yarn


I'm often asked how to choose the right yarn for a project. It's not always easy. Here are my top 5 things to consider.

knitted work on needles with dropped stitch and two hands with crochet hook fixing the mistake

Knitting 911


Become the Boss of your Knitting! These essential tips, tricks and techniques will have you recognizing and repairing your knitting mistakes in no time.

pile of pink and purple pompoms

Perfect Pom Poms


Pom Poms are Awesome! Everything you need to know to make perfect Pom Poms. Just follow along!

Other Websites

The links below are to external websites not run by or affiliated with Twisted, but they're resources that we think might be helpful: - the name says it all!

Ravelry - yarn/knitting/crochet community with limitless info on patterns and yarn

Knitty - great periodical of free patterns

Free Beginner Crochet & Knitting Patterns

Crochet in the Car - crochet "how tos"