Inclusivity at Twisted

Twisted is committed to providing an environment that is safe and positive for customers and staff. We welcome all races, religions, countries of origin, languages, sexual orientations, genders, bodies, ages, skill levels, and abilities. We are committed to taking affirmative steps to support those who are not in the majority. We request that while communication with us or visiting our online spaces or office you join us in celebrating and learning from our inspiring, diverse community.

We do not allow violence, threats, verbal abuse, intimidation, discrimination, demeaning language, or other forms of harassment. We do not tolerate racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, sexism, toxic masculinity, body or ability shaming, or otherwise bigoted or intolerant ideologies in our online spaces or our workplace. We are committed to enforcing this policy against any person (customer, vendor, staff, other visitor, etc.) who makes unacceptable comments or takes unacceptable actions.

We encourage direct feedback on how we are doing and how we can do better and be better. We're always happy to discuss these issues with you, so please feel free to reach out. Thank you for your support!