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Environmental Impact


Carbon Offsets for Shipping

Twisted participates in a carbon offset program offered by our e-commerce platform, Shopify. Software uses industry models to estimate the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere for each shipment we send, incorporating information about weight, distance, and likely transport method. Based on that calculation we pay an amount per shipment to offset its emissions.

Learn more about the projects Shopify's Carbon Offset Program is supporting.

Carbon Offsets: A Field Guide to Shopify’s Selection Process.

In addition, for orders placed using ShopPay at checkout, Shopify matches the carbon offset.

Greener Packaging

We do our best to use greener packaging and are constantly re-evaluating our packing materials and sources. All the packing materials that we purchase except tape and plastic zip bags for liquids are compostable, recyclable, or post-consumer recycled. In addition, we proudly reuse any clean packing materials that we receive in shipments that are sent by others to us. 

When purchasing mailers, we opt for paper compostable envelopes or boxes whenever possible. For items that can't feasibly be shipped in those, we purchase/use post-consumer recycled plastic mailers whenever possible. We do not purchase new, non-recycled, single-use plastic packing materials unless there is just no other option.

We see three major areas for improvement in the future. First, we use clear plastic packing tape to secure boxes and are actively seeking an affordable and functional alternative. Second, we assess that standard adhesive shipping labels and thermal-printed receipts seem to be ultimately more environmentally friendly than the available alternatives, though we are looking for better options. Lastly, we do utilize the free Tyvek and padded mailing envelopes provided by the USPS. 


We work hard to minimize packaging, plastic, and waste throughout our operation. We no longer purchase single-use plastic packaging materials except when there is no other option. We package most orders using recyclable kraft paper, reusable cotton bags, corrugated cardboard padding, masking tape, and compostable paper mailers.


Whenever possible we reuse clean packing materials, including plastic ones.  Examples include bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and sometimes even cardboard boxes. We also ship larger yarn orders in reusable (and cute!) cotton drawstring project bags.


When we aren't able to reuse packing materials we make our best effort to responsibly recycle them.



Energy Efficiency

We aim to keep our warehouse at temperature that is comfortable and safe for staff, but that uses less energy. So, depending on the outside temperature, ranging from roughly 65º in the winter to 85º in the summer. To help with this, we have added reflective covering to our windows and insulating curtains. All our lightbulbs are LEDs, with the exception of some specialty camera equipment. We use a smart power outlet system to ensure lights aren't accidentally left on overnight.

Renewable Energy

Twisted participates in our power company's renewable energy plan, which supports 100% Pacific Northwest renewable resources from Oregon, Washington and Idaho. The resource mix is likely to include wind (92%), solar (5%), biomass (2%), and geothermal (1%).


Twisted is proud to support a variety of charities, organizations, and non-profits. Starting in January 2022 we are sharing the amount of our donations and the recipients on this page. Information will be updated about once a month, and amounts shown include what customers request that we donate by redeeming loyalty points

2022 Total = $350. Golden Bond Rescue: $230. Basic Rights Oregon: $120.

2021 Total = $568.50. Basic Rights Oregon: $352.00, Black Lives Matter: $15.00, Cat Adoption Team: $50.00, Color of Change: $15.00, National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome: $15.00, Native Arts and Cultures Foundation: $30.00, One Tail At A Time PDX: $41.50, Oregon Humane Society: $50.00.

2020 Total = $3160.61


updated 7/18/22