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How To: Crocheted Provisional Cast On

A crocheted provisional cast on can be daunting to ponder or learn - what with the knitting needle and the crochet hook both sitting in your hands like porcupine quills. However, once you get the knack of it, it's a wonderful way to provisionally cast on - easy to do and equally easy to remove.

You’ll use one knitting needle, a crochet hook and waste yarn.

Begin by making a slip-knot on the crochet hook. You will now use the crochet hook to make loops over the tip of the knitting needle as follows:

  1. Assuming you are right handed, hold the knitting needle in your left hand and the crochet hook in your right hand. (If you are left-handed just reverse that.) Put the working yarn behind the needle.
  2. Bring the crochet hook in front of the knitting needle tip and grab the yarn with the hook.
  3. With hook, draw a loop through the stitch already on the crochet hook.
  4. Slip the first loop off the hook, leaving the new loop on the crochet hook. One stitch will have been formed on the knitting needle.
  5. Put working yarn back underneath and behind needle.

Repeat until you have cast onto the knitting needle the desired number of stitches.

To end, work a few extra crochet chains not onto the knitting needle. Pull on this chain to unravel the provisional cast on when the time comes. Switch to main color, and begin working as stated in pattern.


Here's a link to a fantastic Lucy Neatby video about Crocheted Provisional Cast On. It's worth it for her voice alone. This clip is an excerpt from her awesome DVD series, Knitting Essentials. Please note: this video is on youtube, but panic not friends: it was uploaded by Lucy Neatby herself so it's legit.

Here's another video by Lucy Neatby about removing your provisional cast on.