Finishing Services

Got too much on your plate? Let the Twisted Elves help you get your handmade treasures ready. Whether it's a sweater that needs seaming, a vest that needs buttons, a shawl that needs blocking, or just too many ends to weave in, we've got you covered.

The following prices and timelines are general estimates only. They are subject to change based on the size, complexity, and gauge of each knit piece. They also do not include shipping, which we'll calculate based on the weight of your particular item. Please email us for more information or to request a quote.


Price Estimates

Blocking - Wash and Block/Pin to Shape

Hat   $30
Scarf   $30-$90
Sweater   $40-$90
Small Shawl   $45-$75
Large Shawl   $75+

Button Bands & Collars - Pick Up & Knit

Collar (up to 1” tall)   $35
Button band (up to 1” tall)   $50
Larger collar or bands   $2.50/sq inch

Finishing Touches

Attach Button   $2 each
Duplicate stitch   $5/sq inch
Grafting   $4/inch

3-needle bind off   $2.50/inch
Seaming   $4/inch
Weave in ends   $1.85 each

Sweaters - Seam & Weave in Ends

Adult/Teen   $100
Baby/Child   $60


We are not able to do repairs at this time.

Other Requests

Have something else you need? Please ask for a quote.

Time Estimates

Most projects should be finished within approximately 21 days,  not including shipping on each side. Projects requiring multiple or complicated services will take up to 30 days. These timelines are subject to change due to our Finishers' personal schedules, holidays, multiple requests received at the same time, and unexpected life events and emergencies. We will contact you when your item is done and will provide a tracking number when we ship it back to you.

updated 8/2/2020