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Twisted Classes Crochet Studio

Pick your own project and get help with whatever you need or whatever strikes your fancy. Advanced beginner level and up -- people in this class should already know the basics of crochet. Please note that this is not a private lesson and the teacher will be helping all the students with different projects, so patience is a prerequisite!

All classes are intended for adults (roughly high school and up) unless otherwise noted. Please read our class policies and cancellation information before registering and contact us if you have any questions!

While you can usually register day-of, if no students have signed up by the end of the day before class, studio will be canceled. This is a huge help to our teachers - thank you for understanding!


Advanced Beginner level and up

Please bring the pattern and project you need help with. The teacher can help you pick the appropriate yarn/hooks for your project, or suggest patterns as appropriate.