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Locking Metal Stitch Markers

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Locking Metal Stitch Markers - from Twisted

These metal, locking stitch markers are slim and tidy. They work for either knitting or crochet, as well as to snag dropped stitches, mark the front/back of a garment, or identify other things as you work.

They easily fit on knitting needles up to size US 10.75/7mm. (The bulb is about 10mm across, but you need plenty of room for it to slide easily.)


  • Rainbow markers are powder-coated colors mixed with metallic un-coated metal colors.
  • Metallic colors are a mix of gold, silver, rose gold, bronze, and black colored markers.
  • White is powder-coated.


  • All colors are available in bags of 100. Bags aren't fancy - just a simple plastic zip top.
  • Rainbow markers are also available in plastic locking boxes of 300 (30 each of 10 colors) and 600 (45 each of 15 colors).

Please note that (except for all-white) each package will have a unique, random assortment of colors and will vary from what is pictured.