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Shifting Shadows Yarn Winding

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Shifting Shadows Yarn Winding - from Twisted

Select the number of Shifting Shadows kits you'd like us to wind. The cost is $12 for winding a whole kit: three skeins wound into three (approximately) equal balls.

Yarn is sold separately! This is an optional add-on item for the winding service.

Because you can do the winding at home, customers have requested that we separate out this service component into an optional add-on item.

Why do we charge? It takes 30-45 minutes to wind each kit, even using our power ball winder. The process is:

  1. wind a skein into a ball,
  2. use a scale to weigh that (in grams),
  3. wind off 1/3 of the weight into a new ball,
  4. wind off another 1/3 of the weight into a new ball,
  5. usually rewind the remaining part of the original ball to make sure it is nice and tidy, and finally
  6. repeat steps 1-5 for the second and third colors.

Wound yarn is final sale, so selecting this option will make your yarn non-returnable.

(Pictured is the Shifting Shadows kit in Jasper.)